Help a woman transcend her past.

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It costs $7,000 for LEAP to graduate one woman from our prison education program, and every year we graduate 20-40 women. The odds of LEAP graduates returning to prison are 80% lower than non-LEAP graduates.


The truth is, there is a growing body of research that supports providing education inside prisons to reduce the odds of returning to prison after release and increase the odds of finding a job after release. A meta-analysis by the RAND Corporation found that every dollar spent on educating incarcerated people saves between $4 and $5 within the first three years of release, the time period when most prisoners return to prison. And LEAP is the only organization in Florida to target our education program to women prisoners.


What better return on investment could you ask for than to help one woman transcend her past, return to her family, and become a productive member of society?