Sheila Jackson class 1 "For five years I was incarcerated at Broward Correctional Institution in Fort Lauderdale. Through LEAP, I learned business skills such as budgeting, marketing and how to get business licenses. I also learned life skills. Can you believe that I walked out with a business plan in my hand? In June, 2013, I opened Sheila’s Fresh Catch in Liberty City selling conch salad and fritters, fried fish, French fries and chicken wings."
ANITA CHOQUETTE class 5 "I think mostly what helped me to become so empowered was the feeling that someone cared enough to help me move forward in my life, help me see my potential and push me to go that extra mile to becoming the best person I know could be. Today I am a free person and I mean that in all aspects of my life. I now am part owner of a successful glass business and I owe thanks to the LEAP program for the motivation to get there.”
LiZ GUY class 5 Liz Guy is a full time college student and receptionist at a real estate company. “When I look in the mirror, I actually like who and what I see, and this is LEAP’s greatest gift to me. LEAP empowered me in limitless ways; the energy, skills and encouragement I obtained are forever imprinted in my mind and I would not be the person I am today if it had not been for LEAP.”
SHUNELL PARRISH class 2 Shunell Parrish is the proud owner of Ribs Galore and More, providing catering of homemade food plates. “LEAP taught me principles on starting a business, how to manage my own money and how to put aside money to start my business. I am much stronger in taking control of my life and my future.”
SUSAN LEACH class 4 Susan Leach, Class 4, is employed in the billing department of a doctor's office. She has also established a part-time senior assistant business, Susan’s Helping Hands. "LEAP allowed me to believe that there is hope and that I can have a life beyond prison.”
AMANDA LEWIS class 5 Amanda Lewis, Class 5, employed as a veterinarian's assistant and attends college. "LEAP made me look inside myself and find ME! The program saved my life. LEAP empowered me to be a strong independent woman.”
JANET BLADE class 2 “From handshake to writing a thank you letter for an interview or business plan preparation and presentation, I have received guidance from LEAP, to leap into my future. My vision is to practice in vision care technology, and steps toward that goal have been taken, from learning about licensing to making a plan and taking action to qualify for grants.”
ANnE lanzetta class 1 “Upon my release I had set a goal of having my own place to live within 6 months, I reached that goal in a timely manner. I attended OIC of Broward and graduated. Right now I’m employed by Compass Travel as an Assistant Manager and Head Reservationist. I am still a part of Leap and help when called upon.”
CHERIE FRAZIER class 6 “The condition of being free is the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints. LEAP helped me get to this point of thinking, and LEAP can help you. Expand your mind, don’t allow anyone to keep you uneducated because you will always be free. Freedom I have learned is within.”
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